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Great Value

Peaceful Birth Package



For clients at the edge of my travel range, or signing on later in the pregnancy, this package may be the only option available.


*Great option if you've had a baby before*

Most Popular Package

Perfect Birth Package


Includes the Peaceful Birth Package PLUS an additional prenatal appointment (2 total), a postpartum visit and up to 50 photos

{DEAL} Get $50 off placenta encapsulation with this package! {DEAL}

*Recommended for first-time parents*

Placenta encapsulation

$100 for birth clients

$150 for clients of my backup doulas

$200 as a stand-alone service


The "Scrambler" Package

*note* intended for special circumstances, not a regularly chosen package

Are you 38 or more weeks pregnant and wishing you had hired a doula? It's not too late, if you're ready to dive right in. This is a bare-bones, no-frills, sign-on-the-spot package created especially with you in mind. You too, can have a supported, positive birth experience. 

My birth fee covers all of the above services (excluding placenta encapsulation). Once you decide to hire me as your doula, a contract will be signed  where half of the fee (retainer: non-refundable) will be due. The other half can be paid at your prenatal appointment. You can opt to pay in full at any time, but any remaining balance must be paid by 36 weeks.
*$50 off of my fee is available for returning families and military/first responder families. If you feel you cannot afford my fee, please contact me. I want every family who would like doula support to have it if possible, so I will do my best to help. 
I also have a special rate for families from the South East Kansas area. Contact me to find out more.