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Ashley K.


Mariam was absolutely amazing support during my VBAC. Throughout my pregnancy, Mariam contacted me often to see how my pregnancy was going, responded promptly to any questions I had, and always settled my mind when I worried too much. On the morning my water broke she responded right away even though it was 4:30 am. Once arriving at the hospital, Mariam put up signs that truly did help in reminding me of my goals and birth strategies. She was so helpful in verbally prompting me of how to stay in control of my pain through positioning, breathing, and vocalizing. Mariam provided counter pressure and touch that helped me manage contractions. She helped me understand what was happening with my body by explaining why I was feeling certain ways and advocated for me when I felt I was ready to push. Mariam was so encouraging throughout my whole labor and was a vital part in me achieving an unmedicated birth. The photos Mariam took when our daughter was born and the birth story she wrote are amazing and we will cherish them forever! I couldn’t recommend Mariam more!

When my husband and I began looking for a doula for our second birth – we were hoping to find someone knowledgeable, supportive of our natural birth plan and respectful of our doctor’s opinion and wishes.  Mariam was all of these things and so much more!

From the very beginning Mariam put us at ease and comfort. She let us know she shared our want and desire to have a safe, non-medical birth for our baby girl. She not only let us know she would come with her own wealth of knowledge but when the time came if any medical interventions were needed for the safety of mother or baby she would be there as long as she was needed or wanted. She was flexible with her time and open to questions as they arose leading up to the birth. The day my contractions began Mariam was there on standby to support us in person or by phone. We had an amazing birth, with little excitement and a ton of love around us. Thanks to Mariam we can always look back on that day and know our we got the birth story our daughter and we were meant to have. Thank you so much Mariam – we are forever indebted to your patience, care and support surrounding out baby girl’s birth!          Bethany D.--Second Time Unmedicated Birth


"Mariam was absolutely incredible. Despite having to be induced unexpectedly I was still able to have the beautiful and natural birth I was hoping for. My goal was to avoid the use of pain medications and I don't think I could have done that without her help, particularly without her massaging my lower back throughout the more painful bits. Highly recommend!!!!"  Allison L. 

"Mariam was a wonderful doula! I’m so happy that she was apart of our birth experience. She was so encouraging, patient, thoughtful and supportive throughout my entire birth. She didn’t even hesitate for a moment when I changed the birth plan on everyone. She just kept encouraging me. She was a calm and peaceful presence."  Morgan I.

"I couldn't have done it without Mariam! My husband was very supportive but excited and nervous. He forgot everything we learned in class! Mariam was a calming presence. She was supportive and knew just what to do without making my husband feel left out. She is a master of counter pressure!!!! After the baby was born, he was rushed away due to meconium aspiration. My husband went with him and Mariam sat with me in the delivery room the whole time and kept me company. She also made sure I wasn't worrying too much. She truly was a blessing to have and made the whole experience special." Katie W.

Desirina F.

First Time Mom

"This was my first time giving birth, and hiring Mariam was the best decision. She played an instrumental role in making me feel safe and comfortable, and I honestly can't imagine what my birth experience would have been like without her. 

As the birth got closer I began to get nervous, like you do, but our prenatal meetings with her helped me envision the birth in a way that made me feel confident & excited instead of anxious. She was always available via text for my questions and worries, especially after I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes and later, had to decide whether to be induced. 

I ended up going into labor naturally, and after the hospital sent me home the first time, labored at home for about 8 hours. I was in agonizing pain and feeling very overwhelmed. I called her at 1 or 2 a.m. during the worst stormy weather and she offered to come to my house and help. She helped me get through the most excruciating pain of my entire labor (and honestly life), using massage and counter pressure techniques. And coached me on breathing and vocalizing properly. I couldn't have gotten through this part without her. 

After we went back to the hospital, I was in labor for another 17 hours. She stayed the entire time with maybe one very brief nap and remained positive, upbeat and encouraging, and helped allay my fears and anxieties about various aspects of the process. Advocated for me to get more pain meds when needed. Helped my husband keep repositioning me to keep things going when I couldn't move on my own because of the epidural. Brought me water. Etc. And, helped keep me on track, breathing and counting, through almost 2 hours of pushing. 

Despite my labor being long and at times really painful, overall I felt it was a pretty positive experience, as I felt safe and supported throughout. I definitely attribute that to Mariam's expertise and emotional support... highly recommended!" 

Jenica H.--First Time Mom

"The best thing we did during my pregnancy was hire Mariam. She was absolutely amazing to have and I could not have done it without her! Her prenatal appointments really helped me recognize and express my fears and needs so I could form an effective plan of action and communicate my needs to those around me. I felt informed and prepared thanks to her helpful materials she provided. I was impressed when she even had my husband and I take a brief personality assessment so that she could find the best ways to communicate with us and not just whatever she wanted, though our personalities were already quite compatible. During labor, she was attentive and practical while helping me to remain calm. Whether it was applying warm washcloths, using counter-pressure to help me through contractions, suggesting new labor positions and breathing techniques, or helping me understand my medical options, she made the entire experience so much better. My husband also felt comfortable going to get food and going out to give updates to our family in the waiting room because he knew I would not be alone. I felt constantly supported in my decisions and never judged. Her post-partum visit helped me recognize what was going on with me and the baby as well as release some unrealistic expectations I had formed for myself. If you are considering a doula, Mariam is absolutely the one to choose." 


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